When you are looking for good quality outdoor furniture in Sydney or Melbourne, make sure that it is made of teak. Teak is a type of hard wood that is exceptional for making furniture that will last for many decades. Many of the top high end brands, including Brown Jordan, Mokum and Kingsley -Bate use teak in their designs for that reason. There are many amazing benefits to purchasing teak outdoor furniture, not to mention the fact that it looks amazing. If you are looking for a designer outdoor setting in Sydney or Melbourne, choose one made of teak.

Benefits of Choosing Teak Over Other Wood in Quality Outdoor Furniture in Sydney & Melbourne

When you choose teak over other wood in good quality outdoor furniture in Sydney & Melbourne, you will find that there are distinct benefits. For example, teak is the hardest wood available. It has been used for centuries and is seen as a status symbol among those who own it. Another great benefit to choosing teak is that it is extremely durable. It weathers extremely well and is resistant to insects. For example, many people in the Sydney and Melbourne areas will find that wood furniture, over time, can be destroyed by termites...not teak, however! Teak also has its own natural oils which help to keep it looking amazing for years to come.

As teak ages, it changes from a gorgeous honey colour to a stunning weathered grey. In fact, many people will not even buy teak furniture until it has weathered a bit. However, if you prefer, you will find that there are stains and other restoration techniques that can be applied to keep the wood its original colour.

Caring for Quality Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne & Sydney Made of Teak

If you choose the teak route, you will probably wonder how to care for this type of furniture. The truth is, caring for teak is extremely easy to do, needing almost no maintenance at all. Unless you stain your wood, which you will have to do quite regularly, a quick cleaning here and there will likely be all that is required. You should only use a stiff brush when you clean teak, never any type of wire brush or power washing. You should also no oil teak. Since it has its own natural oils, other oils can cause mildew growth, something that you certainly don't want. As for cleaning, simple dish washing soap and water are more than adequate for teak.

If you are looking for a designer outdoor setting in Sydney or Melbourne, you will certainly have a lot of choices available to you. Teak, though quite popular and beautiful, is only one of the many types of materials that high end outdoor furniture is made of. From powder coated aluminium to bamboo, the choice of quality outdoor furniture may simply come down to looks for many people. No matter what type of material you choose, make sure to buy from a well respected furniture store and ensure it is from a well respected brand.